Between gymnastic et dance, pole dance became very popular attracting considerably more adherents and followers the extraordinary success of pole dance coming from his accessibility, studio Queen and his experienced teacher can teach you pole dance with confidence gradually and smoothly according to your possibilities you don't need to be slim and flexible to be able to practice.

Pole Dance made your whole body work in both flexibility and strength for a tonic body , will strengthen your upper body , abdominal and the basin indeed arms shoulders back and abs but also legs for the dancing part.

Beginner level is accessible to every body , "there is no age for sports" the air side of pole dance make it extremely playful and fun it gonna strengthen your body without realizing it while making and learning very beautiful figures mix together with a pleasant sexy floor dance class all choreographed by studio queen teacher Chiharu, Chikage, Miki... to teach the artistic side of this sport.

We also teach advanced level pole dance is not only esthetically pleasing for those who desire to challenge more , and finally learn to manage power and control by increasing your confidence.

studio Queen.

Pole Dance Shizuoka.

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You can look for basics move "Beginner", "Intermediate", "Advanced", to "Extreme" and "Artistic", also Dancing part "Sexy Floor Dance" and "Stretching".

studio Queen.

Pole Dance Shizuoka.


Category :

  • climbs
  • doubles
  • drops
  • flexibility
  • inverts
  • poses
  • spins
  • strength
  • stretching
  • transitions